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The Richmond Democratic Party wants to preserve and protect our natural environment. Environmental safeguards must be enforced so that each and every Richmond resident has clean air to breathe and clean water to drink. More importantly, as Democrats we must define the relationship between industry and the environment. Businesses that pollute should be dealt with in a serious manner, and they must be held fiscally and criminally responsible for their actions.

In Richmond, as throughout the world, natural resources are finite. Our Party recognizes this fact and will make all attempts to guard against the degradation of Richmond's natural resources. Democrats stand for a government committed to protecting this town's environment and insuring an environmentally sound quality of life for the people of Richmond. To complete this task we believe that development must be planned and controlled. The insatiable demand for land and resources has misled many Rhode Islanders into believing that nothing can be done to save our resources and environment. The Party believes that it is the job of government to change this misguided perception by taking a stand and making a commitment to save the precious environment of Rhode Island.


A Cleaner World

From protecting endangered species to restoring our ecosystems and investing in clean-energy solutions,  Democrats at the federal and local level are committed to working to address our biggest environmental challenges.

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