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Richmond ranked 8th Overall in 2013 Best Communities rankings!


Isn’t it amazing what can be done with the cost of a cup of coffee and a doughnut!  That is what B. Joseph Reddish, Richmond Town Council President, used as an illustration at the recent Financial Town Meeting to illustrate the cost each day for each resident for the services and quality of life that is provided by the town budget.


A recent statewide poll of the 2013 best communities by well-respected indicates that Richmond gets a lot from that iconic example. So much so, that it has ranked the town #8 out of the state’s 39 cities and towns.


The following description on the GoLcalProv web site details the elements that go into the rankings.


“GoLocal collects tens of thousands of pieces of data about each state’s cities and towns. The data ranges from the most recent education testing scores from the Department of Education, data from U.S. Census, FBI crime data, and housing reports to name but a few of the sources.

Based on this latest information available, the rankings take into account affordability, safety, schools, arts, culture, and recreation. Hundreds of hours were spent analyzing thousands of data points to reach the results for the annual list, now in its fourth year in Rhode Island, and second in Massachusetts”.


So it seems that even with a bare bones budget, Richmond is able to provide a quality of life that few others enjoy. While the FY 2014 Chariho school budget has been the subject of attack lately, it has proven to be money well spent- we get what we pay for.


 For those of you in Richmond who are yet frustrated…why don’t you join in starting July 1 and be part of finding solutions, work with your School Committee and Superintendent, join a Town Board and participate.  It is not just the people who sit at the tables who are responsible…it is all of our responsibilities to understand and participate.  From that we can accomplish much.

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